News Item: Motor Trend: LF-LC Will be Most Powerful Production Lexus Ever
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Saturday 19 July 2014 - 15:06:19

Via clublexus When the LF-LC debuted at the North American International Auto Show, the response was electric. Initially, it wasn't even clear if Lexus would even build the dream machine. But over the last 18 months, we've learned more and more about the latest Lexus halo car--and now we have some more delicious info via our friends at Motor Trend.

We already knew the car would be called the SC, that it would have a version of the RC F's eight pot mill under the hood, and that there would be a hybrid version, because hybrids. But according to Jonny Lieberman's sources, the top of the line RC-FS model will be a twin-turbo, 600hp monster, making it the most powerful production Lexus ever built. Hell. And. Yes.

With 450 ponies on tap, it's not like the base model will be any slouch either, and the hybrid model--dubbed the SC H--will sport a 500hp engine which will be borrowed from partner BMW. Lieberman also reveals that the 2017 LS will be available with the twin-turbo from its two-door sibling, and following Lexus nomenclature, will be known as the LS F. It's a good time to be a Lexus fan.
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